Revlon "Strawberry Electric" Nail Polish

I can't wait until I run out of Revlon polishes to try (I foolishly bought them back in the day, so unknowingly) because I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate them. I open each bottle and start to paint with hope in my heart that is dissolved usually during the drying period. Which--with Revlon polishes--I guess needs to be a good three hours or so.

My mom and I were joking about that. I said "how long do I have to wait for a freaking polish to dry?"

"You know you're supposed to sit down and not move for a good three hours, right?"

It just takes so long for these to dry and set and stay put. GRANTED, I tend to want to start using my nails immediately after painting and I don't have a ton of patience for polish drying but still... I painted my nails with this and a solid couple hours had gone by and I managed to mess them up itching my arm or something like that. I had to repaint my one hand today to take pictures and I definitely have no patience for that.

Why not just stop using them, you ask? Good question but my OCD (that I don't really have) won't let me let unused bottles of polish pass through my hands. So I continue to give Revlon chance after chance. Plus... I DO  like their color range.

Availability: Amazon
Price: $4.49

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