One Kick Ass Nail Polish Contest!

This may or may not be old news to some of you but I just stumbled upon it and thought it was cool enough to blog about so I'm either giving you new info or I'm reminding you that Ji (of Rescue Beauty Lounge fame) is having a color contest to create *your* dream color.

This is part of a fan collection she is doing and I think it's such a cool idea/opportunity. I think it's really awesome that she seems so in tune with the nail blog community and that she's doing this. I have yet to actually try a RBL polish but I've been a big fan from what I've seen in swatches.

So anyway, the deal is, you will be submitting your color along with a photo of your inspiration for said color. Five finalists will be chosen and then Ji's readers will vote.

She says "I sincerely hope to make what’s in your heart—a true dream color that haunts you because it doesn’t exist anywhere."

The thing is... Starting tomorrow (January 13) at noon, you can begin submitting your ideas and the deadline is JANUARY 15th at noon. So it's really short notice but like I said super cool and I thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone didn't hear about this.

Go here to Ji's blog for all the details and how to enter.

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