China Glaze "Goin' My Way?" Nail Lacquer

This beautiful brown polish is from China Glaze's Vintage Vixen collection (Fall 2010). I had forgotten I'd picked this up and when I chose it out of my to-be-tried drawer I was kind of surprised. Plus, it's not my typical polish because I usually go for more bold, bright, crazy colors. Or ones that look super special in the bottle...

... But this one IS special! It's much prettier than I anticipated and went on like a dream. A dream! The images taken with flash really show the gorgeousness.

Taken with flash

Natural light
The natural light shot perhaps does not do it justice because this polish is really pretty in any light... Brighter lights will obviously bring out more of the loveliness though.

And just for no reason at all, here is my Cindrella... She was hangin around while I was taking pictures so I shot a few of her. :)

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