Make Up Forever Lab Shine M12

Since they debuted, I've been wanting to try a MUFE Lab Shine gloss. & When I finally swatched it and tried it on, it did NOT disappoint!

The applicator is a brush which makes for precise application.

It's a very shiny gloss with a subtle sparkle. (You can see it clearest in my lip swatch picture below.)

I apologize for the sloppy application. I was being lazy and I was mirror-less and decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it instead of walking through several rooms to get to the bathroom mirror. Typical me. 

I like this red a lot. I love how opaque the color is. In the photo you can see a little of my lips shining through (shining through?) but I just did a light application and then pressed them together. If I went a little heavier, you'd see opaqueness.

I would definitely buy more of these.

Price: $18
Availability: Sephora

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