Peter Thomas Roth Anything But Ordinary Brunette Shampoo Review

I decided recently to try a whole new shampoo line. Beacause these "Anything But Ordinary Brunette" shampoos and conditioners were on sale (and still are here and here, retailing at $7/bottle) I went with Peter Thomas Roth. I'm not real familiar with the brand and these were the first PTR products I've tried.

I've been using this shampoo for several weeks now. Here is what I've noticed:

  • My hair is less frizzy, although I still get some frizz. I've taken to braiding my hair most nights before I go to bed and this also helps me cut down on frizz and gives me nice waves in the morning.
  • My hair is softer and feels less damaged than it did when I started using it. I'd say overall, it has made my hair look and feel slightly healthier.
I took a picture after one day of use and then one this morning after a few weeks of use.

In both pictures my hair was air dried and detangled with my fingers. You can see that after using the shampoo for awhile, my hair appears a little less blah looking. My curls are also a little more well defined although this shampoo boasts no results for curly hair specifically.

I guess all in all, this shampoo offers me what I need but I think I will move on to try something new once my bottles run out just because as with everything else, I'm looking for my holy grail product... But that's half the fun, right?

Rating: 3.5/5

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