Today's LoTD

Recently, I've been having Allen take my daily makeup picture. Today I told him to just keep shooting, "we're bound to get a decent one." I immediately thought of Tyra Banks because when you think of posing, YOU THINK OF HER.

And well this is no Tyra Banks pose but it serves its purpose.

Hourglass Solar Tan Primer
Amazing Concealer in "Fair"
MAC Studio Fix in NC30
MAC "Funtabulous" Mineral Blush

MAC "Vainglorious" eyeshadow (From the Twists of Tartan pallet)
MAC "Woodwinked" eyeshadow
MAC "Retrospeck" eyeshadow (my favorite shadow to highlight with)
MAC "On the Hunt" Superslick Liquid Liner

MAC "Baron's Rose" lipstick (I love this lipstick! You can -kind of- see the awesome golden pearl in that photo, it's just so pretty!)

I love incorporating colors from my Twists of Tartan pallet into my looks.

And it's so pretty!

"Vainglorious" is on the bottom left. You can click the photo to enlarge.


  1. Very pretty look! I got Vainglorious as part of the Venomous Villains collection, but haven't figured out how to wear it yet. I like how you used it!

    Also, I'm now starting to lemming Baron's Rose, that looks so pretty!

  2. Baron's Rose looks beautiful on you. Thanks for the pictures!