Sephora Holiday "Gift Cards"

Beauty Insiders and VIBs should have received their $20 or $15 gift cards respectively. If you haven't, make sure you keep an eye out for them! They require a $40 minimum purchase and are good until December 13.

This is going to help me out a ton as I just needed to buy new face wash which costs me an arm and a leg.

Here is a really useful link I found that shows how you can maximize your gift card and possibly not spend any money (in the end).

Happy Hauling!


  1. I need to just push the button on my order, already! I'm going with, of coarse, nail polish and if my calculations are right I will pay only $0.83 (after shipping and handling) for the $OPI of my choice.

  2. That's awesome! How many nail polishes did you end up getting?

  3. Hi Jennifer! I only got the one $OPI and I chose Run With It!... I went into the actual store yesterday and swatched about five and ended up only ♥ing RWI!. And for $0.83 cents it's gonna be a steal.