24 Days of Gifts: Day 1 (Personalized Necklaces)

For the month of December, I want to do 24 days of gifts listing one gift per day. These will be an array of different things, if anyone has any great gift ideas for me to consider, please leave a comment or drop me an email!

Without further ado...

... Welcome to day one!

& Happy December! (Only 27 days until my birthday!)

I found these personalized necklaces on Etsy. A few different members make them and they range from $36-79. I think they would all look a lot nicer on a better chain, too. I especially like these personalized gifts for a mother or grandmother; but they work for anyone. The necklace pictured above is for a couple, for example but most of these kind of tend to families. However, it seems to be the case that you can get anything you want printed on these pieces so you don't have to take the name route.

1. By JC Jewelry Design ($79),2. By BragAboutit ($36),
3. By BragAboutit, 4. By Addie Rose Jewelry ($43)
5. By JLynn Creations ($36), 6. By LadyBugHugz ($44)

Here are some styles that I found. I especially like the first and the fourth, myself. Each designer linked makes several different styles.

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