24 Days of Gifts: Day 24 (The Last Day!)

When I decided to do 24 days of gifts instead of say 12 or something more logical, I didn't really think about how much time it would take to do all that online window shopping that I did. So, suffice it to say I'm glad we're here at 24 on Christmas eve :)

Today's gifts are my favorite recent items that could make nice gifts or stocking stuffers. Call it Jen's Favorite Things... Kinda like Oprah's Favorite Things only you won't get any of mine. Fun! It's just a short little list today.

Happy Holidays, guys! I hope you're all well and safe and happy!

I just want to give a giveaway update: look back on the 27th for a giveaway and then I'll be doing my grand opening giveaway soon too, I haven't forgotten.

Opi Burlesque Teaser Set
I chose this solely for "The Show Must Go On" because that's been my favorite polish as of late but all the Burlesque colors are really gorgeous.

Price: $11.45
Availability: Amazon

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass
My favorite lipglass ever and one of my favorite lip colors in general. I just recently backed up this lipglass and I'm seriously considering getting a backup of the backup.

Price: $14.50
Availability: MAC

MAC Eyeshadows
Here are a couple of my favorite permanent MAC shadows--"Parfait Amour" and "Retrospeck." I think an ideal gift would be a stocking full of MAC potted shadows!

Price: $14.50
Availability: MAC
Apple Magic Mouse
I love this mouse... It works the same way that the MacBook touch pad works. I have a MacBook but I like to have an actual mouse to be able to use too. This wireless mouse is sleek, beautiful and innovative.

Price: $69
Availability: Amazon
Sip Country Mug
Since I don't have a favorite kind of coffee to offer as a gift, I chose one of the mugs I've found that I've loved. This one is from ModCloth and I love anything that's beautiful AND related to nature in some way. This is a cute mug... And there's tons of other cute gifts at ModCloth.

Price: $22.99
Availability: ModCloth

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