Sally Hansen "So Much Fawn" Swatch

I don't know what's been with all these topcoats (I don't usually use a ton of top coats, other than clear Seche Vite) but here is Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure "So Much Fawn" with Covergirl's "Gold Rush" topcoat.

"So Much Fawn" on its own.
In natural light and with flash.
2 Coats

It was a little gloopy working with two coats and I've only used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish once before and it was the same. Aside from the thickness of the polish, I do not like the brush at all.

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The Sally Hansen brush has its own thing going on there and it's not easy for me to use on my nails (which are pretty small). Not all Sally polishes have these brushes.

"Gold Rush" over "So Much Fawn"
1 Coat of Gold Rush

I like how much glitter you get from just one coat. Way to go, Covergirl.

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  1. I love flat brushes. I wish SH was available where I live :)