Barielle "Jess' Champagne Toast"

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This is my first Barielle polish that I've tried. I was at Ulta yesterday and I saw this and I had to have it. Unfortunately, none of my shots really show the awesome pink sparkle that makes this polish special but it is there... Just a sort of scattered pink microglitter dots this purple-grey metallic polish.

Name: Jess' Champagne Toast
Brand: Barielle
2 Coats

I bought two Barielle polishes yesterday so I will be trying and reviewing another but as far as this one goes, I like it but it may not be a $6 polish. I like that it covers well in two coats and it dries pretty fast! However, it has very little shine to it and while I like matte polishes, I wouldn't call this a matte. I put a coat of Seche Vite on top but the polish is still a bit rough on m fingers. I put a ton of Seche Vite on my thumb because I was trying to even out a nick and that nail is smoother than the others but still not silky, shiny smooth like I wanted with this shade.

Overall though I'm pretty happy with it except for the lack of shininess... Maybe I just need a different topcoat? I don't really stray from Seche Vite.

If you enlarge, you can see the pink shimmer a little in the inset
Availability: Barielle ($8.00, I paid $6 at Ulta but couldn't find it on their site.)

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