24 Days of Gifts: Day 3 (Books)

I love books. I especially love beautiful books. But these (often oversized) books are heavy, kinda expensive and not really something you pick up for yourself unless you're updating your coffee table display.

Here are some gorgeous books to give or hope to get. With great prices thanks to Amazon!

The Three Incestuous Sisters
The story of three very different sisters who live near the sea and what happens when one of them marries. Beautifully drawn. I actually received this book as a gift myself and it really is very pretty.

Price: $18.45

Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists
This book gives you drawing tips as well as tips for creating mixed-media artwork. It's great for anyone looking to expand their creative side but it's also beautiful to look at.

Price: $16.49

The Finest Rooms in America
Many different styles of decor all over the united states... Beautiful color photographs. I love interior decorating books and this is a new-er one one out there.

Price: $30.99

The Flesh and the Spirit
A beautiful collection of Sally Mann photographs. "These series document Mann's interest in the body as principal subject." These photos are hauntingly beautiful as is the cover.

Price: $34.65

Work by artist/designer, KAWS. A mix of pieces in different medias. I love the cover and the art inside will keep you turning the pages.

Price: $29.70

Plants and Places
Really cool plant-life art as well as other landscapes.

Price: $29.70

As far as coffee table books go, this is probably the must have of must haves. It's interesting, inclusive and filled with full color, beautiful glossy photos.

Price: $26.37

100 Legendary Trunks
One hundred different trunks, boxes and the like designed by Louis Vuitton.

Price: $78.75

Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide
A very cool idea for a tattoo art book--literary-related tattoos! So you can hit two interests with one gift for your literary inked friends.

Price: $10.19

The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite
Not so photo-oriented like the other books here. This book lists off beautiful, "exquisite" things from champagne to hairstyles to recipes. Most include gorgeous drawings.

Price: $18.45

Anna Sui
Hundreds of fashion photographs included in this chronology of Anna Sui's designs.

Price: $37.80

British Textiles
Over 1,000 images of fabrics by a wide array of different designers over a 300 year period.

Price: $47.25

I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys
A collection of different highly sought after toys from all over the world.

Price: $29.70

Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life
Love these animal illustrations!

Price: $32.97

Box Bottle Bag: The World's Best Package Designs
This was an awesome find for me because I'm a sucker for great packaging. This book includes lots and lots of beautiful pictures of equally beautiful packaging.

Price: $21.78

Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications and History of Graphic Design
This is a pretty serious graphic design manual with lots of information but it also has tons of gorgeous design photos.

Price: $31.50

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