Sephora Edition Monopoly

I just found (for me) the coolest possible gift and my boyfriend bought it for me as an early birthday present. (My birthday is not until the 28th but he said birthday gift, not Christmas so I'm saying that too :))

I love Monopoly and obviously I love makeup and then... Combining two loves? Ah! Perfection! Plus, I got to use my Sephora gift card and got a couple of polishes too. Yay!

Here is a link to the game; it retails for $23.25.

Chance and Community Chest = Beauty Dare and Beauty Bargain

I love all of the pieces!

Houses and Hotels = Shopping Bags and Sephora Stores
I am liking how the shopping bags are bigger than the stores. That's a successful shopping trip.

No one has been willing to play with me yet but my sister is coming to visit tomorrow and I'm going to initiate a Monopoly party (or at least one game) with her and my boyfriend.

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