24 Days of Gifts: Day 9 (Tees)

Sometimes there's nothing better than a comfy t-shirt! Here are some super cute ones to consider.

Great White Tee

Price: $39.99
Availability: ModCloth

Wildfox Metal Skull Tee
Wildfox makes some cute stuff... I've liked a lot of what I've come across.

Price: $74
Availability: 80's Purple
Dagmar Martha T-Shirt

Price: $71.55 (on sale)
Availability: ASOS

White Form of Magic Oversized Tee
I'm going to admit, I'm a Marilyn Manson fan but I also love love love the style of this shirt.

Price: £23 ($36.36)
Availability: TopShop

Bianca Vintage Diva Tee
Makeup inspiration! Plus a cute shirt.

Price: $99
Availability: Shopbop

Brave New World and Lord of the Flies Novel Tees
There's also a Lord of the Flies tee :)

Price: $27.99 (limited number)
Availability: ModCloth
Girl Sleuth Novel Tee
In keeping with the literary tradition, here is another novel novelty shirt. I happen to be a huge Nancy Drew fan and was kind of excited when I ran across this, actually. I still read the books from time to time. She's just so classically beautiful and stylish (not to mention one helluvah detective!)

Price: $27.99
Availability: ModCloth

Juicy Couture Off the Shoulder Tee
I keep falling in love with Juicy Couture pieces.

Price: $78
Availability: Juicy Couture

Open Hacci Peacock Dolman
Such a pretty design.

Price: $14.99 (on sale)
Availability: Wet Seal
Oversized Printed Jersey Tee
Love this asymmetrical look.

Price: $210
Availability: Net-A-Porter
Printed Ruched Tee
Gotta include some anatomy goodness!

Price: £20 ($31.62)
Availability: TopShop
One Teaspoon Sergeant Pepper T-Shirt

Price: $48.27
Availability: ASOS

Gaga Middle School Tee
Cute shirt that ties on the sleeves and hips. Love that hair bow. Loved it on Lady Gaga and I love it on this skeleton!

Price: $64
Availability: Shopbop
Juicy Couture Sequence Embellished Cotton Tee

Price: $78
Availability: Net-A-Porter
Natural Beauty V-Neck Tee

Price: $24
Availability: Shana Logic
Doe-a-Deer Tee
Love the brown print with this color t-shirt.

Price: $20
Availability: Shana Logic

And then here are a couple sites that have lots and lots of novelty tees:
- 80stees.com
- Threadless.com (includes a 12 month t-shirt club)
- Snorgtees.com

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