Philosophy Purity Cleanser Review

I bought Philosophy's Purity cleanser several months ago by recommendation of one of my Specktra girls after I'd been unhappily using Detox Daily Cleanser by Kate Somerville. I like to have a cleanser that I use prior to my DDF Acne Scrub cleanser (review coming).

So let me say that this cleanser offers everything I could possibly need in a detoxer/purifier/whatever you want to say. It's light, works well and it's not bogged down with lots of gimicky promises. It just cleans your face.

There's no dryness or tightness after I use this cleanser. I mentioned that when using the Kate Somerville cleanser that it didn't remove all my makeup but that is not the case with Purity. I can do one wash, BY HAND (not using my Clarisonic), and all my makeup is gone. Usually I'm lazy and I don't do a separate eye makeup removal  unless I feel I need to after I wash my face/shower. With purity, it removes most eye makeup for me without rubbing. It does help if I do a little swipe with olive oil and a cotton pad (that's my eye makeup remover of choice because it's already in my house, ready to be used).

The only (sort of) downside I could come up with about this is that it doesn't clear up my skin, it just cleans it really well. I haven't noticed any change in blemishes since I started using this but I'm just happy knowing it's removing all of my makeup in one go.

I'm thrilled with this cleanser for the purpose it serves in my skin care routine. I don't see any reason to stray from this product in search of other products like it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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