Darphin Stimulskin Plus Eye Contour Cream

I want to tell you about an eye cream by Darphin today. First I want to explain what I'm looking for in an eye cream because I think that's important to note. I don't really have dark circle problems but I do have chronically tired looking eyes. I am looking for an eye cream that ideally tightens the skin under my eyes and helps reduce the lines.

And enter Darphin.

EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

Now, I know a lot of people have reviewed and raved about EOS lip balm but seeing as I've been trying out lip balms to find something that does all of what I'm looking for, I want to include EOS in my reviews!

When I finally picked up one of these little spheres of balm, I chose the Summer Fruit flavor. According to the website, there are five flavors and Honeysuckle Honeydew sounds the best to me but unfortunately wasn't an option.

I've said it before but I like to have a lip balm with me when I'm going to be outside a lot because of the wind and things. I used this lip balm for a weekend of outdoor activities  to initially test it out and was very happy with the formula and results.

MAC Sheen Supreme Giveaway: Winner!

(&I apologize for the delay)

The winner for the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks is....


if you're reading this, Julie, please email me with your info at

Paul Dorf Brush-Out Brush Cleaner

I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes--like a lot of people are--but I'm probably especially bad. And especially with my eyeshadow brushes. I have a million of them and there's never more than maybe one clean at a time.

Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been using Ouidad's Playcurl Shampoo & Conditioner for a month and a half or so.'

It offers a "mild cleansing formula created to boost the volume of fine, thin curls. [Blended with] green tea extract, aloe and wheat protein with volumizing polymers for a gentle shampoo that livens limp curls and encourages the curl formation."

100 Things (21-25)

Zoya "Reva" and "Apple" Nail Lacquers

There have been a few things going on in my life and I've neglected this blog and I've neglected my nails and both of which I'm sorry for!

Today I did a really quick manicure with Zoya's Sumshine polishes in "Apple" with "Reva" on my ring fingers.

Pop Beauty Lid Neon Palette

This palette by Pop Beauty is small. It comes with six bright, fun eyeshadow colors. I was drawn in by the fun palette of colors.

MAC Sheen Supreme Giveaway: Five Days Left!

Just a reminder that there are only five days left to enter to win three MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks in my giveaway

Giveaway ends April 12, 2011.

Pop Beauty Eye Shadow Brushes

I purchased some Pop Beauty eyeshadow brushes from HauteLook recently and received them yesterday. I am a firm believer in not washing my brushes--just buying more ;)

These are actually pretty small little guys and I like that. I have little hands and I find that the smaller the brush, the better when I'm applying eyeshadow so I can be more precise with the application.

100 Things (16-20)

i watch everyday <3

City Color Cosmetics Nail Polish in... Who Knows What Shade?

Before I even show you this polish, I have to rant about how annoyed I am there's no name on the bottle at all. If this polish does have a name, I for one have no idea what it is. I don't like when a polish doesn't have a name... Or even a number... !

But I picked up this City Colors polish at Rite Aid a little while ago.

It's a pretty sea-green with a light sea-green shimmer. It's a springy color and I like it but I wasn't thrilled with the formula. It took a while to dry even though this was only two coats. My index finger is not pictured because by the time I took a photo, it had been smudged and then it chipped and it was just a mess. I had some chipping on my other hand too. Just not a long-lasting or a fast-drying polish in my experience.

Pretty, though. Has anyone else tried City Colors? And did I just get a bottle missing a sticker or are they really un-named?

MAC Flighty Collection

May 5, MAC is coming out with a whole buncha brand new cream eyeshadows. I'm excited because I love MAC's little glass pot packaging and they come in a variety of colors. I'm not a huge fan of cream shadows but these are worth trying in my eyes. I'm a MAC girl! Come on!

Also coming out with this collection are some limited edition zoom lash shades...

Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer

The last time I reviewed a primer, I raved about it and I didn't really think I would find another primer that I loved but I proved myself wrong.

I picked up a primer by Amazing Cosmetics because unless I order it online or drive a ways away, I can't readily find my other favorite primer (by Hourglass). I like Amazing's concealer so I decided to take a plunge and give the primer a whirl.

It comes in a thick tube that seems to contain a lot of product--it's actually 1 oz of product but this fat little tube makes me think there's more there. I like the design of the packaging. I have no complaints about the squeeze tube because it's great for getting out just the right amount of product--based on whatever you think the right amount of product is. I like that you have full control of how much comes out versus say a pump bottle or something like that.

Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover

This is another polish remover I tried recently... I got a small bottle with a bottle of nail polish that I ordered a while back.

I love the lacy looking bottle. The liquid itself is a rosy color... The photo I took doesn't show this because my bottle is less than half full.

It's an acetone free remover.