EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

Now, I know a lot of people have reviewed and raved about EOS lip balm but seeing as I've been trying out lip balms to find something that does all of what I'm looking for, I want to include EOS in my reviews!

When I finally picked up one of these little spheres of balm, I chose the Summer Fruit flavor. According to the website, there are five flavors and Honeysuckle Honeydew sounds the best to me but unfortunately wasn't an option.

I've said it before but I like to have a lip balm with me when I'm going to be outside a lot because of the wind and things. I used this lip balm for a weekend of outdoor activities  to initially test it out and was very happy with the formula and results.

I love the packaging... Just a little something different from your usual tubes or pots.

When I put this balm on, it doesn't feel heavy at all. I like to kind of layer up my balms just because I like the feel of it going on my lips and with this guy, you can do that without ending up with globs of balm gluing your lips together.

The one thing I really look for in a lip balm is whether or not it leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth once it's soaked in and you can't feel it on you anymore... This one accomplishes that, I think. This balm which includes shea butter and vitamin E leaves my lips feeling soft even after the last trace has soaked in. I love that.

The one little gripe I have with this (and I can't speak to other flavors because this is the only one I've tried) is that the flavor/smell is a little plastic-y. It smells really yummy at first but then you get that sort of plastic undertone and it's not gross or off-putting but it doesn't seem as natural as I'd like.

That aside, this is probably my favorite lip balm right now.

You can find these at most drug stores.. I got mine at Meijer for $3.29.

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