Today is World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day and I plan on buying at least one Viva Glam product in honor of it. I think it's definitely time to back up my Viva Glam Cydi lipglass at least once! You can visit the MAC site, support the cause and get a lipstick (here) or find out more about the fund here.

An (Inexpensive) Jewelry Post

Wanted to put together some of my favorite jewelry that I've found recently. This is jewelry in my price range, not dream jewelry jewelry; they range from $10-125.

Fox Ring, $19

Today's LoTD

This is an unfortunate photograph, haha. I had something happen to my eye two days ago, still don't know what it was but anyway long story short it left me with a little eye. My boyfriend, Allen, took this photo and I said "I look high with my little eye."

"Yeah," he replied, "yeah you do."

I wanted to do a look per suggestion of Fabdiva20 combining "Sassy Grass" and "Going Bananas" eyeshadows.

Hourglass Solar Tan Primer
Amazing Concealer in "Fair"
MAC Studio Fix in NC30
Smashbox "Prism" Blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC "Going Bananas" e/s
MAC "Sassy Grass" e/s
MAC "On the Hunt" Superslick Eyeliner
Avon Daring Curves Mascara

MAC "I.Want.Candy." Dazzleglass Creme

"Respect the World" by Nicole by Opi

Natural Light 
With Flash

Name: Respect the World
Brand: Nicole by Opi
2 Coats
Availability: Amazon (Buy Now!)

MAC "Going Bananas" Eyeshadow (w/Comparison Swatches)

This year I participated in NaNoWriMo (a month-long challenge where you try to write 50,000 words during November) this year and won! As a present to myself for sticking with it, I bought myself a shadow from MAC's "Going, Going, Gone" section. (Shadows that will no longer be sold.) I've been wanting to try "Going Bananas" and since it's on its way out, it seemed like a good time.

MAC "Going Bananas" Eyeshadow

One Day Left!

One more day left to enter FabDiva20's Secret Giveaway! She will be revealing the prizes on December 1st so get your entry in NOW.

Random Looks

I don't do a ton of FOTDs but I have accumulated some over several month's time. Thought I'd share them with you guys; just for the hell of it.

"Scandal, Secrets & Sparkle" by Nicole by Opi

Natural light (shade)

With flash

Name: Scandal, Secrets & Sparkle
Brand: Nicole by Opi
4 Coats

I think the natural light image is a more accurate depiction of this polish. I like this one but I'm not in love with it.

REAL Winter Boots... And No Uggs!

I wanted to do a post on affordable, stylish winter boots that you can actually wear IN the snow. I live in Michigan and yet I haven't had a pair of boots since elementary school. Boots would have been a great idea while I was in college trekking around campus in the snow. Maybe this year is my year. Doubt it though, I'm pretty broke ;)

Sorel "Cate the Great" Boot

This is a great winter boot with gorgeous styling. The boot is approximately 13" with a rubber sole and a leather/suede combination for the body of the boot. I love the sort of corset style. Removable liner. Comfort level up to -25°F.

Availability: NordstromBloomingdale'sPiperlime
Price: $200.00

MAC Peacocky Collection Preview (Eyeshadows!)

Here are the eyeshadows from the upcoming MAC Peacocky collection! You can purchase items from this collection online January 4, 2011. It will hit stores/counters January 6.

I encourage you to click on the photo for the larger image because the texture of these eyeshadows is just to die for; I'm loving so many of them! I think my favorite is the darkened red color. What about you guys?

Source: Specktra (Thank you HerGreyness!)

Opi "The Show Must Go On"

Name: The Show Must Go On (Burlesque Collection)
Brand: Opi
Taken with flash

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this color. I skipped MAC's "Bad Fairy" (Venomous Villains) for this and while I'm not sure they're exact dupes, this is all I really need! The photo doesn't do it justice--there is a little element of orange in there that the camera did not pick up. I got lots of compliments on this polish. Even my dad said something!

China Glaze "Classic Camel"

Name: Classic Camel (From the Vintage Vixen Collection)
Brand: China Glaze
Taken with flash

I thought I'd really love this polish with its subtle gold glitter and I actually do like it in this photo but on my hands, in natural light, it looked a little gross with my skin tone. (I'm NC30)

An Aggregate of Polish Swatches

Just to get us started, here are a few polish swatches from my personal journal.

Name: Botticelli Nude
Brand: Borghese
3 Coats
Taken in natural light (sunlight)

This is the best my nails have ever looked and then I had a job interview. I play with my hands when I'm nervous and I broke them all off. Got the job, but then quit so I mourn these nails!

Welcome (First Post)


My name is Jen and this is a style blog with a major emphasis on high end makeup. I would like to share my own looks as well as products I love/hate and other finds I come across that allow us to live beautifully.

What does Five by Five mean?
Mostly I like the way it sounds but it also pays homage to Buffy, one of my all-time favorite tv shows. It has a few meanings; it's whatever you want it to mean.

ANOTHER Style/Beauty blog?

What exactly can I expect to see here?
Day-to-day makeup looks, experimental looks, makeup reviews, swatches and hauls. I also will incorporate any other style-related things I see fit from decor to clothing.

Do you have any professional experience?
Nope; I learn as I go.

Why am I following you?
I have a somewhat humble approach to beauty with a tinge of hilarity thrown in. I'm a down-to-earth hippie that happens to love makeup. I like to think I'm ecclectic and I will bring together a number of different interests and my readers will get to see style from my point of view.

Where are you on the internet?
I have owned for over ten years. I have a Twitter and a personal journal.

You may know me from Specktra as Little Mary Jane.