MAC "Going Bananas" Eyeshadow (w/Comparison Swatches)

This year I participated in NaNoWriMo (a month-long challenge where you try to write 50,000 words during November) this year and won! As a present to myself for sticking with it, I bought myself a shadow from MAC's "Going, Going, Gone" section. (Shadows that will no longer be sold.) I've been wanting to try "Going Bananas" and since it's on its way out, it seemed like a good time.

MAC "Going Bananas" Eyeshadow

MAC "Going Bananas" Eyeshadow

"Going Bananas" vs. "Crest the Wave" (Also MAC)

These look really pretty similar in the pan. You can click the image to enlarge it. They also look very similar when you swatch it on your fingers but...

Actual swatches on my arm show a difference. I threw "Golden Lemon" in there too. I thought I'd like "Going Bananas" more than "Crest the Wave" but I don't think that ended up being the case.

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