An (Inexpensive) Jewelry Post

Wanted to put together some of my favorite jewelry that I've found recently. This is jewelry in my price range, not dream jewelry jewelry; they range from $10-125.

Fox Ring, $19

Plant Life Pendant, $35

Gothic Brooch, $18

Pink Flower Earrings, $45

Moustache in a Glass Vial Necklace, $29

Romantic Cluster Clock Necklace, $28

Owl Locket, $24

I know owls are everywhere and I didn't want to include any (although I found a ton of cute owl jewelry) but I love that this one is a locket. So it's here.

I'm kind of a huge Harry fan and I loved this necklace but as soon as I returned to look at it again, it was sold out. I think it's really pretty but not super obvious.

Winter Bloom Cluster Ring, $78

I'm likely to be a sucker for anything called "Color Study" and I do love this locket. And most really colorful things with great color pallets.

Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant, $25

Other letters (and numbers) are available.
I'm a capricorn but they're all there.

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