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NYX Lipliner in "Pumpkin"

I never buy or wear lipliner but I did pick up this NYX liner to try under an orange lipstick I have with good color and bad wear--dries the lips, settles in the lines, etc. I'm not sure this liner was the right color to accomplish the end result I wanted but still a gorgeous orange and worth a look...

Milani Lipsticks in "Chilled Brandy" and the Somewhat Unfortunately Named "Orange-Gina"

I've been wanting to try Milani lipsticks for awhile now and I kept walking by their display at the stores time after time but then in quick succession on two different trips, I grabbed two shades: "Chilled Brandy" and "Orange-Gina." I keep (quite wrongfully, I'm sure) reading so it sounds similar to "vagina." I have less of a problem with that aspect than I do with how badly it rolls off the tongue. But enough about that...

Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadows in "Teal Takeover" and "Downtown Denim"

I'm a big fan of Maybelline makeup (for the most part) and I picked up a couple of these two color shadows. The first, "Teal Takeover" is a teal and bronze combination and "Downtown Denim" is a blue combo of light and dark blues shades.

Jesse's Girl Mineral Baked Eyeshadow with Swatches

For Christmas, as part of my gift, my nephew's girlfriend picked me up five of these Jesse's Girl eyeshadows. The thing I love most about other people buying me makeup is that I end up with some shades I might have overlooked myself. I've got a stand-out favorite from the bunch but I liked all of her choices.

Let's look closer...

MAC "Bombshell" Lipstick

Been awhile since I shopped the permanent MAC lipsticks but I did while doing some Christmas shopping and picked up "Bombshell."

Bombshell Lip Crayon in "Shameless"

This is a lip crayon I got in my Ipsy bag... It wasn't a color I'd probably jump at but ended up really liking a lot! Let's take a look...

MAC Magnetic Nude: "Carnal Instinct" and "Morning Rose" Lipsticks and "Autoerotique" Blush

After Christmas, I did a little MAC haul from the Magnetic Nude collection. Yesterday, I finally got my new camera so I'm back in the game!

Let's take a little look at Magnetic Nude...

Top Five Posts of 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Currently I'm without a blogging camera--right when I have a lot of great stuff I could be taking pictures of and talking about! (A couple sneak peeks of it have graced my Instagram.) My new Camera (a cute little purple Nikon point-and-shoot) should be here soon. Until then, I've decided to compile a list of my five most popular blog posts this year (determined by view count).

I actually love both of these lipsticks a lot. I didn't hear about a lot of buzz about these So Supremes but I loved the two that I got. Candy Apple is one of my favorite lipstick colors that I own.

Nars Guy Bourdin Blush in "Cœvur Battant"

As part of a little mini-haul from Sephora, I picked up one of the Guy Bourdin blushes--my first Nars blush!