Top Five Posts of 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Currently I'm without a blogging camera--right when I have a lot of great stuff I could be taking pictures of and talking about! (A couple sneak peeks of it have graced my Instagram.) My new Camera (a cute little purple Nikon point-and-shoot) should be here soon. Until then, I've decided to compile a list of my five most popular blog posts this year (determined by view count).

I actually love both of these lipsticks a lot. I didn't hear about a lot of buzz about these So Supremes but I loved the two that I got. Candy Apple is one of my favorite lipstick colors that I own.

4. MAC All About Orange "Tangerine Dream" Lipstick

I didn't end up loving this shade... I like the swatch and it looks pretty in the tube but I've yet to like it on my lips. I still mean to pick up a lip liner that I can use with it--I was given a tip that a liner on the lips would make this more wearable.

I was going to pick up a few more of these lipsticks by Kate Moss but I never ended up doing it. This remains a pretty color all the same--I need to dig it out, haven't used it in ages.

A great matte lipstick. Haven't worn this one in awhile, either. It lasts and lasts.

And my number one post from 2013...

1. NYX "Set it & Don't Fret it" Matte Mineral Finishing Powder

Re-bought this powder and am still using it. Very happy with the quality/price of this product.

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