Arcona's Gentle PM Solution Repair Serum

I used this serum awhile ago nightly for about a month or so. I've said it before but it's important to note with these skin care products that I have problem skin. I should say problem skin. A little emphasis. My skin loves to misbehave and I'm prone to breakouts and unevenness. That being said, lets move onto my review.

You use this nightly after washing your face. The back specifically instructs you to apply it upward in a circular motion so I made sure to follow directions :) The product boasts that it resurfaces skin, stimulates rapid cell renewal, exfoliates deeply, strengthens your skin's immune system and combats free radical damage. It says it will refine pores, smooth skin and create a healthy glow.

Jesse's Girl Mineralized Baked Powder Eyeshadow in "Esmeralda"

I picked up this mineralized shadow at Rite Aid the other day. The name "Esmeralda" doesn't really seem to fit for me but it's still a pretty, shimmery taupe color that wore well all day for me with an eyeshadow primer.

MAC Surf Baby Haul & Comparison Swatches

I wanted to get these swatches online yesterday but after hitting several MAC counters (I was working on a CP for someone) and all the driving around, I was exhausted... But now here they are. I swatched my new items with similar shades in my collection.

I bought My Paradise cheek powder, Hibiscus lipstick, Bust Out lipstick and two eyeshadows in Sun Blonde and Saffron.

100 Things (26-30)

my favorite actor.
i adore his accent.

My MAC Shadow Collection (Because I Recently Did Some Depotting)

I had a few MAC shadows to depot so I decided to try the stove method the other night. In the past, I've used wire cutters to crack open the little plastic part to get out the metal pan. Not a recommended method. I've shattered parts of my shadows that way. I'm going to include the video I used as a guide at the end of this post in case any of you aren't familiar with the stove method of depotting shadows. It's so much easier and safer for your shadows. Me, the biggest klutz in the world, didn't screw up at -any- point. Amazing!

This post is mostly a picture post to show off my MAC shadows--my favorite kind of makeup to collect--not a stove method tutorial. If you have any questions or anything, throw me a comment :)

I pop out the little plastic parts with a knife.

China Glaze "Life Preserver" Nail Lacquer

This is one of the gorgeous China Glaze polishes from their totally amazing Anchors Away collection. I'm about to do a little Ulta hauling and I"m seriously considering buying up the rest of the collection that I don't have. I ADORE this collection! 

Borghese "Mediterraneo Sea" Nail Lacquer

First of all I want to say how much I love how this polish LOOKS.

It's a beautiful darker teal-y blue with large multi-colored glitter.

It's a little matte-ish when it goes on so I think this gorgeous polish would benefit greatly from a shiny top coat but I was being lazy and skipped it. I'll pretend I was trying to give you guys the full effect of the actual polish :)

E.L.F. Translucent Matifying Powder

Along with some other E.L.F. products, I bought this super cheap Translucent Matifying Powder ($3) to try out. I've been using it for a few weeks or so now and I think I have a strong enough opinion on it to tell you guys about it.

Deal-O-Rama: E.L.F. Oil Blotting Sheets

I usually pass up E.L.F. stuff out of pure makeup snobbery but awhile ago I decided to do a little mini E.L.F. haul and bought a few things to try out. One of those things were the super cheap $1 blotting sheets (for 50 sheets).

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in "Tree Hugger"

I love the name of this polish :) And I love green polishes.

Tree Hugger is a great springy green to wear as the weather starts to warm up. Bar Experience Review (&A Haul)

I had bought a $40 gift certificate from HauteLook for $20 for I needed a new Clarisonic brush head and this seemed like a good way to get an (almost) free one. Plus, I wanted to see what other goodies I could find on the site. I'd never heard of Beauty Bar before so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I didn't have any issues along the way so I can't speak to the customer service but I did get a card with my package that seemed like they give a crap. It mentioned how you have a whole year to return your items if they don't work out for you and how they'll come pick it up for you if you call and ask--free of charge. Pretty good terms if you ask me.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

I bought these Facial Radiance pads by First Aid Beauty shortly after they hit Sephora's website. I needed a new toner and this seemed as good as anything. Plus, I liked the convenience of the pads. Also, I was looking for something with glycolic acid and this guy has it.

The back says: "... just enough lactic and glycolic acids to make it safe for daily use. Cucumber and Indian gooseberry tone the skin while lemon peel and licorice root leave the skin bright and glowing. ... Free of parabens, harsh chemicals and colorants."