Borghese "Mediterraneo Sea" Nail Lacquer

First of all I want to say how much I love how this polish LOOKS.

It's a beautiful darker teal-y blue with large multi-colored glitter.

It's a little matte-ish when it goes on so I think this gorgeous polish would benefit greatly from a shiny top coat but I was being lazy and skipped it. I'll pretend I was trying to give you guys the full effect of the actual polish :)

It only needs one coat, really but two I think would even out the glitter a bit since on some nails it wasn't uniform on the whole nail.

This guy is a chipper though. This is another reason it would benefit from a top coat. I re-did my nails to take the picture because I'd painted them, waited a night and then took pictures and there was a lot of chipping. Right now, I still have this on and it's been 3 days-ish and my index fingers are chipped horribly.

So like I said.... TOP COAT!

Here's a bit of a close up that you can click to enlarge to see the glitter.

Such a pretty polish! And it dries SUPER FAST.

You can get Borghese polishes at Ulta and many drug stores.

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