Deal-O-Rama: E.L.F. Oil Blotting Sheets

I usually pass up E.L.F. stuff out of pure makeup snobbery but awhile ago I decided to do a little mini E.L.F. haul and bought a few things to try out. One of those things were the super cheap $1 blotting sheets (for 50 sheets).

I can't see spending a ton of money on blotting sheets so when I saw these for a buck, I figured I had to at least give them a try... How can you really go wrong with blotting sheets?

They work like they're supposed to and soak up all the oilies in an instant. I like using blotting sheets instead of more powder to avoid that oily-caked-powder look. And these do the trick.

My gripe with these is that they are small. I have to use one on each cheek and then I usually fold one and finish up on my forehead. I've seen bigger oil blotting sheets that cost a bit more and so you'd have to ask yourself if you want to spend a bit more for a larger sheet or if these are good enough for you at $1. I think these are probably good enough for me at the price. If they were a big larger, they'd be perfect. But... Come on... One dollar!

You can find E.L.F. products at Target, at E.L.F's site and at

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