Pop Beauty Sweet Goodmorning Kiss Lip Exfoliator

Hello! Wow, it's been awhile, I know. I wanted to take a short break and a short break turned into a really long break to the point I was asking myself if I wanted to keep doing this. As it turns out, I do. As I was taking the photos for today's review, I fell right back into the process comfortably and I think stepping away was just what I needed. I was mostly stepping away from the internet, not so much from this blog specifically. Also, I haven't had the money to buy any new makeup or beauty products so that was definitely hindering me too. It will continue to hinder me seeing as I still don't have a job but that just means I'll have to improvise and work with what I have. Okay. That being said... Let's get back to business here.

I bought this Pop Beauty sugar scrub lip exfoliator "pen" because I really liked the idea of having the product in a tube that you could apply to your lips without the direct use of fingers. I reviewed one of Lush's lip exfoliators and while I do really like their little jars of sugary goodness, it does get a little messy so you have to use it over a sink or something.

So this product includes sugar, shea butter and vitamins and works by twisting the bottom to disperse a bit of product and then rubbing the applicator on your lips in a circular motion.