Pop Beauty Sweet Goodmorning Kiss Lip Exfoliator

Hello! Wow, it's been awhile, I know. I wanted to take a short break and a short break turned into a really long break to the point I was asking myself if I wanted to keep doing this. As it turns out, I do. As I was taking the photos for today's review, I fell right back into the process comfortably and I think stepping away was just what I needed. I was mostly stepping away from the internet, not so much from this blog specifically. Also, I haven't had the money to buy any new makeup or beauty products so that was definitely hindering me too. It will continue to hinder me seeing as I still don't have a job but that just means I'll have to improvise and work with what I have. Okay. That being said... Let's get back to business here.

I bought this Pop Beauty sugar scrub lip exfoliator "pen" because I really liked the idea of having the product in a tube that you could apply to your lips without the direct use of fingers. I reviewed one of Lush's lip exfoliators and while I do really like their little jars of sugary goodness, it does get a little messy so you have to use it over a sink or something.

So this product includes sugar, shea butter and vitamins and works by twisting the bottom to disperse a bit of product and then rubbing the applicator on your lips in a circular motion.

This product is clear and the applicator is only pink on mine because I tried this on my lips while I still had some lipstick on (why, I don't know, dumb move). The little applicator tip is soft and would make more sense to me if it were a bit rougher. I am not adamant about exfoliating my lips so I tend to wait too long and thus it's harder to get the job done. The reason I mention this is because this pen doesn't do a terribly great job at exfoliating lips that are in serious need of exfoliation. What would happen is it would sort of "unhinge" the excess skin so that it was really noticeable how much was there but it wouldn't do the job of completely removing the dry skin. Every time I used this product I ended up having to resort back to my Lush lip scrub to finish the job.

Now, when I would manage to exfoliate as often as I *should*, using this product was a nice treat for my lips as it's a bit like a grainy lip balm that made my lips feel really soft but not sticky.

If you've ever used the Lush lip scrubs, you know that they taste really sweet (and, to me anyway, pretty yummy). This sugar pen doesn't taste bad but it doesn't taste particularly good either... Just like if you were to lick your lips after using a normal gloss. I couldn't really detect any smell from this pen, so if you're looking for a tasty, yummy smelling lip scrub, this might not be for you. But if you're good at maintaining exfoliated lips, it is handy and there's no mess.

You can find this on Amazon.com for $14.95 whereas Lush scrubs go for $8.95. As far as I'm concerned, I'm sticking with my (slightly messy) Lush scrub for now.

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