Redken Shine Brilliance Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist

Ok the first thing I want to say about this product (which I received in sample form from July's Birchbox) is that "brilliance" is misspelled. I googled this product to see if maybe Redken had purposely misspelled it for some strange reason but I couldn't find anything that said "Shine Brillance" so... Smooth move, Redken.

Moving on!

This mist is supposed to add shine to your hair while remaining "lightweight." I've tried this spray a couple of times now and my initial thought about it is that I really don't feel compelled to ever buy the full-sized product.

So I was a little confused about the numbering system that they use with all of their styling products but it has a little key on the back of the bottle and on Redken's site, you can see the whole range of different products that are all numbered from 01-26. The numbers pertain to the level of "control" you get from any given product; intuitively, one being the least amount of control and 26 being the highest. I think what threw me was the fact that I don't expect a product like this, that boosts shine, to have any level of "control"--it seems irrelevant to me but whatever...

Moving on (again)!

When using this mist, I would brush my hair and then spray it all over, making sure to hold it as far away from my hair as possible so that it wouldn't be sprayed overly concentrated on any one spot. Did it add shine? Well, I think I noticed a slight change. Because it kind of tames frizziness to some extent, it does make my hair look a tad bit shinier but the effect isn't drastic.

It has a scent and it's pretty distinct and a bit more over-powering than I'd like. It doesn't smell bad per se but the scent is a little chemical-y and I could see it being an issue if you're sensitive to fragrance. The smell does fade so it's not as if you're stinking things up all day but even so, I think I'd prefer no scent at all or a milder version of it.

As far as it being lightweight... I agree that it doesn't weigh my hair down. It didn't make it feel like I had a lot of product in my hair or anything like that which is saying something because most of the time if I'm using anything, it's a small spritz of hair spray because so many products do make my hair feel greasy or dirty which, obviously, I hate. Still... That being said, spraying anything on my hair is kind of a turn-off for me. I hate adding any hair product unless it's absolutely necessary and usually that's never the case in my opinion.

So all in all, this is kind of one of those beauty products that just seem overly superfluous and unnecessary. It doesn't do anything bad to my hair but the good that it does is outweighed by the fact that the effects are so small.

I had a bit of a hard time finding this product online to buy but Birchbox's site says that a full-sized bottle costs $17 for 4.4oz and I'd assume you could find it wherever Redken is sold which is most drug stores, Target, etc.

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