Currently Loving: Lush Bon Bon Lip Scrub

I bought Bon Bon in a little Lush haul I did not too too long ago (but before my no-buy; it's still going strong). I had already tried the sugar scrub method on my lips by mixing my own sugar lip scrub. That worked well but was kind of messy and a pain to deal with (in my opinion--lots of people love that method but I'd rather not deal with the honey and sugar mixing process and cleaning up process.

That's part of the reason I like Bon Bon--it's ready to go and it's less messy (although still a little messy).


It's a sugar lip scrub... The ingredients list: White icing sugar, sugar, almond oil, cranberry seed oil, lemon oil, citric acid.

It's thick and gritty and tastes yummy :) A little lemony and sugary.

You dip your finger into the pot and get out the product. It's a little difficult for a couple reasons; one being I have long nails and I get a ton of grittiness under my nail. Also, it's a tad messy because it's slightly... Crumbly I want to say and if you're not careful, you could be getting it all over because it's not super sticky so it's not going to glob and stick well to your finger.

Then the exfoliation... I do this after I get out of the shower (not for any real reason, this is just when I chose to do it) before I go to bed. I get out a little and rub it on each lip. I'm kind of nuts when it comes to any exfoliation so I do this until it kind of stings and then I stop. I lick the yumminess off my lips and they are left feeling plump and smooth. I follow up by slathering on lip balm before I get into bed.

Also, am I the only one who loves these Lush stickers that shows you who prepared it? They are so cool. Haha.

I was surprised to see that Lush no longer carries Bon Bon (boo! was it a holiday thing?) but they do have three similar scrubs. One is Sweet Lips (chocolate sugar scrub, sounds yummy), then there's also Bubble Gum and Mint Julep. Each costs $8.95 for .8oz.

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