Jack Black Lip Balm

I'm almost done with this tube of Jack Black and I have to say, I've kind of gone up and back with it. Do I like this? Do I love it? Is this the lip balm for me?

Hey, a lip balm can raise a lot of questions!

But then this past weekend I was outside in the wind a lot (I'm talking like eight hours a day each day) and I had my JB with me and I can't complain one bit. It protected my lips and I only had to re-apply about once throughout the day. Right now my lips are soft and carefree and I have to give thanks to Jack.

I bought the Lemon & Chamomile one and it smells, to me, like lemon Pez which at first I was like "oooh this is so yummy smelling!" but that eventually became "god I'm sick of this scent." I'd definitely go with the unscented next time.

But all in all this lip balm gives you all the lip protection you need and it lasts. It isn't sticky and it doesn't migrate--some balms I feel like they're migrating all over my face when I put them on but I didn't get that with JB's.

You can get the lemon or the original from Sephora for $7.50 a tube.

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