A Quick Look at Philosophy Miracle Worker A.M. Duo

Philosophy Miracle Worker Duo just hit Sephora... Let's see what it's all about...

Here's what Philosophy says:

Every day is a fresh start, so let it be a fresh start for your skin. Topical antioxidants are part of the gold standard of daytime skincare. Each pad is your skin's daily multivitamin, providing triple-action antioxidants to protect against environmental attack while improving luminosity for youthful-looking skin. Say "hello" to every new day looking radiant, feeling miraculous and ready to be a bright light to the world. 

Philosophy's Miracle Worker products feature a next-generation, high-performance retinol ingredient that diminishes the appearance of deep wrinkles like a retinoid, but with less potential for irritation. They also include HPA, a triple-action antioxidant that guards against environmental attack while helping to minimize the appearance of visible signs of aging. The formula also features a revolutionary peptide that helps improve past skin damage while promoting clarity and smoothness.

I think if you're a die hard Miracle Worker fan, this may be worth checking out. Couldn't hurt to add one small step to your morning routine but at $58 for 60 pads--is it really worth it? Anyone think this is something they could get into? Or more of a pass?

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