Spring 2011 Estee Lauder Pure Nail Colors

Recently, Estee Lauder polishes have been grabbing my eye (ones from past collections) and when I ran across this list of Spring 2011 polishes, I was excited to both see new shades and peruse older, permanent shades that were also included. The LE shades (which I have noted) will be available at Nordstrom March 2011.

Chocolate Crave (LE), Enchanted Garnet

Frozen Fantasy, Fuschsia Flame

Hot Coral, Mega Fuschsia (LE)

Oyster Cult (LE), Pure Red

Purple Passion, Rosa Rosa

Sizzling Taupe (LE), Ultra Violet

Violet Diva (LE), Wicked Green (LE)

Wild Blue (LE)

Perfect Storm (LE)

I'm especially turned on by Oyster Cult, Sizzling Taupe and Wild Blue... What about you? Anything grab your eye?

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