Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara.... Mascara that "lights up your lashes"... Literally. The wand has two small built-in lights that help to illuminate your lashes during application which helps you to see each and every little lash--that part does work and I suppose if you have a hard time seeing your lashes while you're applying it might be helpful but I don't find that this is in any way necessary but it is still pretty neat.

Underside of Mascara Tube
The tube of mascara comes with a small mirror for application on the go, I guess. I don't find myself ever re-applying mascara throughout the day. Is that strange? What do you guys do?

No Mascara
With Too Faced Lashlight Mascara
This is another fail of a mascara for me... I found it to be *very* clumpy as I applied. I like to be able to put on my mascara fast and so I need it to be kind of giving as far as application goes because I'm not very careful. At one point I had a lot of gloop on my lashes that I managed to even out a bit but then got some on my lid. Ugh!

Available at Sephora for $25.

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