How Much is My Everyday Face Worth?: My Makeup Routine

I saw a post over at Stavroula's blog about how much she spends on her face and I thought it was a good idea as far as keeping track of how much money goes into my everyday face. Since I'm probably going to be going the drugstore route with products for awhile after my current stuff runs out, now is a good time to see what I'm using from the higher end line. I've used drugstore products in the past but I prefer higher end stuff when it comes to makeup, especially. Well now I'm having some money issues and I need to budget better. Also, since I've started reading beauty blogs regularly, I've found a huge number of drugstore items that sound great and got rave reviews. I'm kind of excited about jumping back into a different world of makeup.

Anyway, sorry that got a little rambly...

Onto the products!

I included the products that go into my makeup look on the "simplest", most normal-looking day.

  • (Benefit Boi-ing) Concealer ($18)
  • (Make-up Forever HD) Foundation ($40)
  • ~ 3 (often) MAC Eyeshadows (~$15/ea.)
  • Eyeliner (often MAC Fluidline) (~$15)
  • Mascara (~$20)
  • Blush (~$25)
  • Lipstick (more often than gloss) (~$15)

Total: $163

In a few months, when my products change, I'll re-do this post and see how much money I've saved. Unless I get a good job by then in which case--all bets are off! ;)

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