MAC "Ethereal" and "Atmospheric" Lipglasses

These two lipglasses are from the Lightfully Bright MAC collection (available online at, $14.50). The blue is "Ethereal" and the sheer plummy color is "Atmospheric."

Ethereal is about what I imagined but Atmospheric is unfortunately sheerer than I was hoping for. They look absolutely gorgeous in the tubes--especially Ethereal. It reminds me of mermaids and pristine water. Soo pretty.

Atmospheric top, Ethereal bottom
Taken outside, in the shade. There is no sun.

Ethereal, Atmospheric
The above swatches were taken with a flash, as were the lip swatches.

No gloss, Ethereal, Atmospheric
They are sticky but I happen to like that because it feels like my gloss isn't going anywhere. I like how smooth the gloss feels once it's on.

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