Rock & Republic Brushes #102 and #202

I recently tried out my first Rock & Republic brushes. I bought the 102 (blush brush) and the 202 (shader brush). I decided to just go ahead and review them together. First let me say that I like them both a LOT. Sometimes with all my brushes I kind of start to think they're all the same but I really liked these guys...


They're really lightweight and that almost makes them feel cheap but when I compared them to some other brushes, they weren't any lighter really so I'm not sure why these have a somewhat cheap feel in your hand but that's just the brush handle talking and it looks pretty so what else can you ask for?

The 102 blush brush picks up a ton of product! I used this with a loose bronzer and I couldn't believe how much it picked up without even trying to grab up a lot of product. You can see it's densely packed and it is soft--not THE softest brush I've run across but far from picky or pokey.

The 202 shader brush is also a great brush. I used it yesterday in a look I created with MAC's Humid eyeshadow and it blended wonderfully. Nice and soft, it is very gentle on the eye.

I'm very happy with these brushes. I got them on sale so I didn't pay an arm and a leg (and I'm not sure I would, as I ultimately prefer super soft MAC brushes but I do like a brush variety and it takes every fiber of my being to pass up a brush sale) but the blush brush retails for $48 at Rock & Republic and the shader brush is $34. If you keep an eye out on HauteLook, they often have really good R&R sales.

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