Samy Fat Foam Hair Color

My sister was over for a night and she had bought some Samy's Fat Foam hair color. I decided to take pictures and get some opinions from her and share it with you guys as I don't dye my hair anymore.

I'm going to do it in interview form for a little something different.

Explain the preparation.
[The photo above includes all that comes in the box including the plastic shaker.] You pour the base solution into the shaker, followed by the little bottle of powder hair color, then replace cap [it twists on] and shake.

The shaker says to shake for at least 30 seconds but you may want to give it a little extra vigor or time because I didn't feel it was shaken as well as it could have been even though I shook for a little over thirty seconds.

What about the application?
It differs from normal hair dye in that you are applying the foam straight out of the shaker with your hand and there's no bottle or small nozzle for more precise application. [My mom applied my sister's foam and said that she preferred the bottle as opposed to just slathering it on her head. But like I pointed out, it seemed like it would be easier/a good way for someone do dye their hair on their own.]

Set time?
30 minutes.

What did you find different about Fat Foam that sets it apart from regular hair dyes?
The smell! It's no where near as overwhelming or intense as most hair dyes.

After washing out the color, it gave my hair more body which I haven't felt from a hair dye in a long time.

The grey coverage is better than other dyes I've tried. Often I'd get a weird lighter color going on because my bangs are so grey but that was NOT the case with fat foam!

[Her hair did look really nice after using the FF. Shiny, soft and "carefree," I told her.]

Available (unfortunately) at Wal-Mart for $8.97.

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