Rock & Republic Extremist Mascara

Rock and Republic Extremist Mascara retails for $28. I've read some negative reviews on it but when it went on sale at HauteLook (no longer available there) I snagged a tube.

And what a.... Sexy tube it is... Doesn't it look....? Well... Nevermind, let's get onto my opinions & more pictures... ;)

Without Mascara 
With Rock & Republic Extremist Mascara
Hmm.. Well.. It's a bit clumpy, huh? I'm not sure I really like the look it gives my lashes. It doesn't add much length and the definition is only due to the clumping.

The packaging seems cheap compared to other Rock & Republic products, which was disappointing. Plus, I'm not sure you can even get this mascara any more. The R&R website says "coming soon" and Nordstrom says it's unavailable.

All in all, I'd say pass on this if you were to come across it. R&R apparently doesn't do mascara like they do eyeshadows and blush. Too bad.

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