Zoya "South Beach Ice" Nail Lacquer

I tried to swatch Zoya's "South Beach Ice" on its own but it wouldn't show up so instead, I swatched over Illamsqua's "Viridian".

I was hoping, when I saw this one online, that I would be able to use it alone and it would look like it did in the bottle--wishful thinking! But it still makes for a gorgeous topcoat.

When I first started photographing it, I couldn't get it to pick up how "South Beach Ice" really brings "Viridian" to life! So I started playing around a bit...

This one shows it a little better if you look at the full-sized image but then, I found a way to capture it as it looks to me:

LOVE it! (Sorry about that little chip, I don't know how that happened and usually Illamasqua doesn't chip on me.)

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