Illamasqua "Viridian"

I finally picked up some batteries for my one camera so I can take better close ups of my manicures but then last night I was trying out Illamasquas "Viridian" and for one I rushed through it (so, sorry about the messiness) and for another, this one wasn't as awesome going on as one of the cremes I've tried from Illamasqua. I tried out "Hectic" (which I wll get around to swatching eventually) and then was so bold as to say that Illamasqua polish formula was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Then last night, I had a hard time with this dark color and keeping it from looking messy. I'm not going to give up on you, though, Illamasqua. It may have been all my fault with the haste.

I also broke my left ring finger nail last night... It tore and then I had to take it off. Very upsetting!

This is such a pretty color and looks gorgeous (if you don't make a mess!)

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