24 Days of Gifts: Day 15

There are some CUTE dresses out there these days... Here are some for you to check out!

Love Red Dress
A super sexy little red dress!

Price: $179
Availability: Coggles

Enchanting Lady Strapless Dress
I'd love to wear this to a party.

Price: $45.99
Availability: Ruche
Chain Metal Silk Dress
I am in love with this dress!

Price: $498
Availability: Pixie Market
Fallen Foliage Sweater Dress

Availability: Ruche
Kylie One Shoulder Dress

Price: £20.00
Availability: Boo Hoo
Isabella Bead Dress
Love the sorta twenties vibe from this dress.

Price: $248
Availability: French Connection
Ascending Pleats One Shoulder Dress

Price: $44.99
Availability: Ruche
Kaleidoscope Sequin Dress

Price: £45
Availability: La Redoute
All Eyelets on You Dress
So cute!

Price: $50.99
Availability: Ruche
Coffee Shop Conversation Dress
LOVE this, isn't it adorable?

Price: $49.99
Availability: Ruche

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