Pencil & Brush Organization Idea

I found these guys today and they are technically just pencil holders but I think they have some serious makeup organizing potential. I like the idea of putting some brushes in here or liners. My brushes are all crammed together in a traditional pencil holder but these would allow them to be kept upright without the tight fit. Same goes for my liners--they are totally unorganized in a drawer so I have to sort through them whenever I'm looking for something.

These guys are a little pricy at $23 (+$7 s/h) but you can find them here.

I also found this organizer:

This one is a bit cheaper (at $6.50 here) and also comes in white.

Happy organizing! I can't wait to move and get a new makeup setup going for myself. Currently it's all in a little set of drawers that I have. I'll share my makeup collection with you guys soon!

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