Christmas Glitter Polishes

Today I'm comparing "Bring on the Tinsel" (Nicole by Opi) and "Gems" (Milani).

What I wanted to do with these polishes was to do an overall glitter mani with both. No bottom coats or anything--just these polishes. I put on about four coats of each and I will tell you, "Gems" was perhaps not made to be used with so many coats because...

Pinky & Middle: Bring on the Tinsel, Ring & Index: Gems
As you can see here, "Gems" makes a gloopy, thick mess if you put on as many thick coats as I did. I painted on both polishes the same way but "Bring on the Tinsel" makes for a great looking manicure whereas Gems will no be reserved to be used as a topcoat... Because I do like it, I just couldn't get it to work for me this way. It does look a bit better in real life than the camera captured it but not by much.

You can really see the gaps left in "Gems" in this one:

With flash

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