24 Days of Gifts: Day 5 (Makeup Brush Sets)

I can't get enough brushes, really. I have all kinds, a bunch of different brands... I get lazy about washing them so having a bunch on hand is helpful.

MAC's "A Lady and her Tricks" Brush Collection
A collection of face and eye brushes. I especially love this brush set because of the bag. These brushes are especially good for beginers who would like a gateway into MAC brushes. (Remember; these aren't quite as nice as MAC's permanent, full-sized brushes.)
Price: $49.50
Availability: MACNordstrom

Sephora's Makeup Artist Brush Belt Set
This set includes 15 face and eye brushes from Sephora. I love this brush belt/roll that it comes with. I have a couple of Sephora brushes and I have no complaints.
Price: $275
Availability: Sephora

Prestige Brush Set from Sephora
This 12 brush set comes with a silver quilted brush roll. A smaller/less expensive version of the other Sephora set.
Price: $125
Availability: Sephora

Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set by Tarina Tarantino
I don't own a Tarina Tarantino brush but I have played around with them at Sephora and they're soft and they seem to be well-made. I just happen to love the pink handles!
Price: $69
Availability: Sephora

Pittura Brush Set by Tokidoki
I'd buy these purely for the cuteness. Plus they are nice, small eye brushes which I like a lot. Plus the cuteness!
Price: $35
Availability: Sephora

Ecotools Alicia Brush Set
Ecotools brushes are awesome, in my opinion. They are cheap and soft and do not shed. This brush set includes four brushes and a really cute brush bag.
Price: $15.99
Availability: Amazon

Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Pro Brush Set
I own a Too Faced kabuki that is one of the softest brushes I own--if not the softest. I adore it. And I also love the design of these brushes.
Price: $63.05
Availability: Amazon

Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection
I'm not super familiar with BB products (I only own one e/s!) but this is a sexy looking brush set. For a limited time, you can get a gift with purchase at Macy's.
Price: $175
Availability: Macy's

bareMinerals Mini Brush Collection
This is a good brush set for maybe a stocking stuffer.
Price: $25
Availabiltiy: Ulta

Touch-up Travel Tube by Japonesque
Another great stocking stuffer. Japonesque brushes aren't super expensive but the softness and quality are definitely there. Tube also comes in pink.
Price: $20.19
Availability: Ulta

Laura Mercier Travel Brush Set
I like the double-ended brushes in this set... Kind of makes it so you're not dealing with a bunch of different brushes. Comes with cute case too--with the impeccable style of LM.
Price: $85
Availability: Nordstrom


  1. I can't believe the timing of this post because I was JUST looking at brush sets on Sephora's website and trying to select a good backup/travel set. I've had a hard time finding a set that comes with both a blush brush AND a big fluffy face brush AND is super soft (which is a must for me.)

    I will definitely be checking some of these out as I continue shopping!

  2. The Sephora belt set was the most inclusive set that I found while I was shopping around... Which is pretty unfortunate because buying brushes piecemeal gets EXPENSIVE.

  3. Tokidoki brushes are so cute! Man I wish I picked up some when I was in the states