24 Days of Gifts: Day 6 (Beauty Gadgets)

Day 6? Forget your usual idea of hi-tech, these are some beauty gadgets that make great gifts!

Ansr Beam
The Ansr beam projects two light beams; one blue and one red. The blue kills acne bacteria and the red tones your skin.

Price: $148
Availability: Ansr

Silk'n SensEpil
Offers hair removal comparable to in-office laser treatments.

Price: $499
Availability: Sephora

Facial toner that uses microcurrents to lift, tone and firm the face.

Price: $325 (for kit)
Availability: Sephora

A specialized comb to promote hair growth, faster growing hair and slow hair loss. The comb stimulates hair during the shedding phase to speed up shedding and replace the hair with stronger folicles.

Price: $495
Availability: HairMax

Clarisonic Mia
Of course the Mia has to be included in this list. This is a very accurately hyped product that deep cleans your skin. You can remove up to eight times more makeup with this than just washing your face by hand. I have the original Clarisonic on my Christmas list.

Price: $149
Availability: Sephora

Bliss Pore-fector
Vibrations work to loosen clogged pores and deep clean. Like an at-home esthetician extraction.

Price: $185
Availability: Sephora

Nu Brilliance
Professional-quality microdermabrasion kit. Combines diamond peel exfoliation with vacuum stimuation.

Price: $250
Availability: Sephora
Professional Heated Lash Curler
To be used after mascara application. Melts the mascara creating a longer lasting, stronger curl.

Price: $16
Availability: Sephora

The Bombshell
This curling iron curls hair much faster than traditional curling irons. Lightweight with 1" rod.

Price: $130
Availability: Sephora

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System
Create professional-looking airbrushed makeup. Can switch between foundation, blush and more. The downside to this is that you have to use the supplied foundations, etc.

Price: $225
Availability: Sephora

Skin-toner and cellulite reducer.

Price: $1,499!!
Availability: Wellbox

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  1. Its amzing how far beauty has kept up and combined with technology to produce us some pretty nifty products! think I want the clarisonic and porefector! +D