Link Love: Some Recent Favorites

I'm copping out on a blog post a little today but it is the weekend and I'm going to give myself the pass. Here are some *hand picked* favorite blog posts that I've come across recently. I like to do posts like this every now and then to spotlight things from the beauty blogging world that I love. I read a lot of blogs and am very happy to share these great posts with you...

  • Chloe always does immaculate, beautiful manicures and this is one of my favorites that she did sort of recently. Her mix of matte and shine and black and color is gorgeous here!
  • Lipgloss Love Affair looks at green tea products--which is interesting in itself--but her post also includes a very refreshing sounding green tea mist recipe that's very easy to make!
  • Enamel Girl shows off one of her Catherine Arley polishes with a very sophisticated looking Konad job. Love the colors, love the design, LOVE Catherine Arley polishes--I must get some!
  • This next one is awesome in my opinion... Over at Killer Colours, she re-did a Marilyn Manson look and it really caught my attention because I love Manson, I love his crazy makeup and I love a gorgeous re-creation. 
  • Give a look at this gorgeous and interesting universe manicure over at Big Lights, Big Color.
  • I'm a big fan of the makeup looks from Glitter is My Crack but this one blew me away--it's a glammy, 50s-ish film kind of look with my favorite color (green!) and a gorgeous red lip. A look definitely worth stealing! This one is going in my looks to try folder.
  • Nihrida showcases a beautiful colored nail polish that is pretty enough (in my eyes) to make this list on its own but follows it up with a matching eye that is to die for!
  • Over at Makeup By Celly, she shows us how to personalize our brush handles! Her designs are really cute and really well done... Go have a look and see if it's a crafty move you'd like to make!

That's what I have for you today... Enjoy! And let me know if you found any new favorites!

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