Revlon "Pink Freeze" Nail Enamel

Today I'm showing you a Revlon polish called "Pink Freeze." Now, in the past, I've had really bad luck with Revlon polishes with chipping and application. When I come across a Revlon polish in my collection I kind of think "ugh" but I want to give it a try anyway because it's there. I guess at one point I went a little nuts buying Revlon polishes before I saw how much they don't like me.

That being said--this one is different! It went on beautifully, it covered in ONE COAT and it dried in a very timely fashion. No chips. After the first day there was a bit of tip wear but nothing major. I'm happily impressed.

In natural light
With flash
It's a very pretty pink... Not too bright. I'd say the natural light image is a bit more true to color than the flash image.

Hope you all had nice weekends!

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