Arcona's Gentle PM Solution Repair Serum

I used this serum awhile ago nightly for about a month or so. I've said it before but it's important to note with these skin care products that I have problem skin. I should say problem skin. A little emphasis. My skin loves to misbehave and I'm prone to breakouts and unevenness. That being said, lets move onto my review.

You use this nightly after washing your face. The back specifically instructs you to apply it upward in a circular motion so I made sure to follow directions :) The product boasts that it resurfaces skin, stimulates rapid cell renewal, exfoliates deeply, strengthens your skin's immune system and combats free radical damage. It says it will refine pores, smooth skin and create a healthy glow.

Normally I'd shy away from anything "gentle" or for sensitive skin because my skin needs to be attacked and beat up in order to behave at all. However, I'd read some really good reviews from people claiming to have problematic skin so I decided to run with it.

Here's what *I* say about it... This is a nice serum. When I would use it, I'd wake up and my skin would look a little softer and plumper like it had been well hydrated without making me any oilier or shinier than I already am. It did make my skin a bit smoother and it even created a slightly noticeable glow that didn't do much for me once I'd re-washed my face and applied my makeup for the day.

I think if you *don't* have incredibly problematic skin that this would make for a really nice serum instead of a just a nice one, haha. If you have slight roughness or dullness (especially) to your skin and you're looking for a little kick, I'd recommend trying this out. However, if you're like me and you're looking for more of a miracle... This might not be worth the cash. I've had more luck with multiple products targeting different problems than I did using this one single serum.

You can find this at Amazon, Nordstrom and It retails for $48.

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