Johnson & Johnson Purpose Moisturizer

I wanted to review Johnson & Johnson's Purpose Moisturizer because it's an inexpensive drugstore find that is dermatologist recommended (I've been recommended this one twice, actually) and works well.

That being said, this moisturizer is not for me. It boasts right on the bottle how it is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and won't clog pores--all good things and all true--but I have really oily skin and this isn't the best on the market for oily skin.

To be honest, I really only noticed that it was promoting my oiliness when I switched moisturizers (from this one to Philosophy's Hope in a Jar). I noticed that when my makeup was done, without Purpose on my face, I was needing less touch-ups.

If you have normal to slightly dry skin I think this would work great for you but if you have trouble keeping the oilies at bay, this may work against you.

It comes in the pump bottle pictured here which locks so you could safely throw it in an overnight bag or something.

This stuff retails for around $8 to $9 (although that sounds higher than what I paid so you may end up shelling out less money) and is available at any drug store or online drug store and Amazon. If you have normal skin and are on a budget, this is definitely worth at least a try. I plan on using the remainder of my bottle as a hand lotion because I like how hydrated it makes my dry hands feel. It leaves them soft without any hint of oiliness.

Rating: 2.5/5 for me

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