My MAC Peacocky Haul and Swatches

I've been waiting forever for Peacocky! I had a hard time making decisions on what to buy (and I'm not going to promise that I'm done with this collection) and I ended up with:

Mega Metal Eyeshadows
Centre Stage

Kissable Lip Colours
Flaunting It
Love Peck

All my photos can be enlarged and I recommend it because these colors so gorgeous and deserve as many pixels as possible!

This is such a gorgeous blue. I love making blue looks and this will be a great addition to the blues I already have.

When I first, first saw this shadow online, I thought it was going to end up being redder but it really is a deep brown. Still lovely and I've been wanting a nice brown shadow because I don't have one (besides Blue Brown Pigment and that's not exactly a BROWN brown, ya know?)

A great shadow to add to my growing collection of neutral shades.

So gorgeous I wanted to show you twice! This one I bought kind of last minute but I think I might like it the most... Sooo pretty!

Sooo beautifully pigmented and went on so smoothly! Just LOOK at those--I was so happy with the way the swatches came out on my arm.

Here is a good shot of how gorgeous Dandizette is! And how luscious and pigmented Centre Stage is.

These look so pigmented in the tubes, don't they? The swatches did not disappoint. I have only tried Peacocky on the lips but it provided really nice coverage--I just need to exfoliate my lips prior to use with at least Peacocky because blue lipstick lends NO room for flaws... Which is why I'm not rushing to wear it out of the house.

Love Peck
Flaunting It

It's difficult to see the red shimmer in Peacocky--even when I was looking at it in bright, natural light. If you enlarge this swatch image, you can catch a little tiny bit of it. But that aside... These are all so pretty and pigmented! I really don't think I'm going to be able to resist going to my counter for at least one more.

I have read some mixed reviews about this collection but I am very happy with my choices and the colors. I'm especially happy with how easy it was to get a great, pigmented swatch.

I know I used the word "pigmented" way too much in this post but it was unavoidable :)

Did you guys do any Peacocky hauling? I'd love to hear what you got!

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